Why do you have Shared and Dedicated Services?

Shared services provides HSM units which are shared between multiple users, with segregation between users being assured by customers having their own unique LMK. For the Live Shared production service, the user’s monthly fee provides them with various levels of monthly performance – currently up to 120,000,000 (PIN Block translations) per month.

The security settings applied are designed by MYHSM to meet the requirements of most users and current best practice, as well as meeting PCI requirements.

As a result, the Shared service will satisfy the demands of most users, and because the equipment is shared the costs are optimised.

On the other hand, the Dedicated services are available for users for whom the Shared service performance is insufficient or not appropriate – for example, because they have very high transaction volumes, or they have specific requirements in terms of security settings, or their security policies preclude the use of shared HSMs.

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