MYHSM offers you a monthly subscription service to access the Payment HSM capability you need without having to buy on-premise devices.


  • Reduced total cost of ownership

    Reduce your costs around Payment HSM and networking hardware acquisition and maintenance, staffing, PCI re-audits, and infrastructure costs

  • Predictable budgeting

    Replace capex with a simple, predictable monthly service cost that dynamically scales to your own level of usage

  • Speed to market

    Leave the HSMs to MYHSM and focus on getting your products to market. New MYHSM clients can be onboarded quickly with a seamless rollout from test, to pilot, to live transactions

  • Cloud agnostic

    MYHSM can work with public or private cloud providers, maximising your business flexibility and taking full advantage of multi-cloud strategies

  • Fully backed

    Benefit from MYHSM's partnership with Thales e-security, the global provider of the Payment HSMs

  • Keeping up with PCI requirements

    Let MYHSM take on the burden of maintaining the PCI DSS and PCI PIN compliance of your Payment HSMs with full evidence available to your own auditors

  • Future proof

    Avoid the headache of capex, planning, and implementation when you have to replace your Payment HSMs, when their end-of-life is announced or you need to consolidate systems onto the latest models

  • Disaster recovery

    99.999% availability across world-class data centres protects you against unplanned outages

  • Automated Updates

    Always have the latest firmware, security updates and hardware

  • High quality support

    Monitoring and service support from the MYHSM technical team with its leading experts in payment HSM technology

  • Competitiveness

    Have immediate access to enterprise-class technology and skills that might otherwise be unavailable to you

  • Global Reach

    Have worldwide access to the MYHSM service without compromising on service levels and support