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MYHSM provides a suite of PCI PIN compliant, fully managed Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) as a service based on the Utimaco Atalla AT1000 and Thales payShield 10K as an alternative to operating your own estate of on-premise HSMs.


From testing, to pilot, to full production, the MYHSM service is available for FinTech start-ups, financial institutions, acquirers, issuers, payment processors, payment service providers, payment facilitators and testing companies.


With MYHSM you can:

  • Reduce your total cost

    Convert capex to opex with a dynamic subscription model to align with your business growth

  • Access a fully managed service

    Providing a fully managed Test, Shared or Dedicated HSM Service, removing the complexity of Payment HSMs

  • Embrace the cloud

    Payment Applications, whether running on-premise or in cloud services environment, can connect securely to a group of payment HSMs as an “edge of cloud service”

  • Focus on your core business

    Leave MYHSM manage your HSMs and their compliance and focus your energy on your business strategy



The differences between an on-premise HSM estate and the MYHSM fully managed service:


On-premise HSM vs. MYHSM’s Fully Managed Service
The Payment HSM
Requirement to purchase multiple physical hardware device’s for resilience which needs significant investment and creates lock-in for the lifetime of the HSM models which is typically 7 years. Gain immediate access to a group of Atalla or payShield HSMs as part of the Shared or Dedicated service for a monthly subscription fee, converting capex to opex with 99.999% availability as standard.
Data Centre Facilities
Need to provide a secure PCI-compliant operating environment across at least two separate data centres to host the Payment HSMs. This will involve an initial capital cost in addition to ongoing running costs, networking, and audit costs. HSMs are deployed in two geographically separate data centres, all data centre costs and resources to manage the data centres are removed.
Payment HSM Configuration
A lengthy, costly, and complex process requiring specialist knowledge to set up the Payment HSMs. MYHSM shoulders the burden and users can connect to the Shared Test service in as little as 3–4 working days. Migration to the Shared Live service can be completed in 10 working days, significantly accelerating time to market.
Technical Staff
A number of SME’s are required to operate the HSMs and maintain the security of the estate. MYHSM’s team of dedicated experts take on the responsibility of the service, security, and system maintenance, freeing up resources to focus on core business.
Need to conduct regular audits against PCI DSS and PCI PIN security standards. This involves specific regulatory knowledge and can put a strain on the organisation’s resources and present financial pressures. MYHSM’s PCI PIN certified service reduces the scope and responsibility for the customer and audits are simplified.
Vendor Support Contract
Essential to take out a vendor support contract on each HSM to comply with PCI requirements, further adding to the expense of purchasing the HSMs. Support contracts become the responsibility of MYHSM and are covered by the standard subscription cost of the service reducing the total cost.
Operating Payment HSMs
Substantial effort using SME’s to operate and maintain the HSMs to ensure ongoing compliance with PCI security regulations. Major reduction in the demand on skilled resources using MYHSM’s fully managed service.
Replacing end-of-life HSMs
Capex needed to purchase new models, cost to securely dispose the old HSMs, and cost to update procedures and internal training. Using the MYHSM service, users will automatically and transparently migrate to the latest HSM models and no additional costs will be incurred.


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