MYHSM Serves Up Advanced Payment Security for Hospitality Infrastructure Giants Bizzon

Restaurant management software providers enhances security and service availability with MYHSM’s Payment HSM as a Service, supporting global growth plans. 

London, 7th December 2021:MYHSM by Utimaco has teamed up with restaurant management software providers, Bizzon, to upgrade its payment security across its end-to-end platform while providing a scalable solution that suits Bizzon’s global growth plans. 

Bizzon’s fully connected platform replaces ePOS, digital ‘order and pay’, and the payment gateway with one complete solution, and is used by more than 2,000 businesses across 15 countries, processing £200m per year. 

By harnessing MYHSM’s capabilities as the first multi-vendor Payment HSM Service provider, offering a globally accessible, fully managed, Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN and PCI DSS certified service, Bizzon will ensure it meets, and maintains industry standards for payment security. 

As the industry moves slowly through the long post-COVID recovery journey and with travel becoming more accessible for many consumers, the hospitality industry experts plan to further expand its end-to-end integrated software to hotel restaurants and independent restaurants chains globally. Harmonising with these business objectives, Bizzon will utilise MYHSM’s scalable, yet secure, agile, and equally flexible infrastructure. It has already benefited from streamlined infrastructure and reduced operational pressures, negating the need for additional time, cost and resources put into maintaining physical HSMs. This is due to migrating from redundant on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based, fully managed Payment HSM Service.

With the implementation of MYHSM, Bizzon can remotely and securely connect to three PCI PTS certified Payment HSMs deployed in two geographically separate data centres, delivering 99.999% availability. As a result, this has improved the overall resiliency and redundancy of the Bizzon platform, a key requirement in the highly competitive and dynamic hospitality industry. 

Tonči Damjanić, CTO at Bizzon, commented:We chose MYHSM because of their openness and proactiveness when it comes to handling technical and standards’ compliance challenges. The MYHSM Service has improved our lives significantly.”

He continued: “MYHSM brings the full package: technical expertise, compliance standards, and service flexibility to meet both low-and high-demand customers. They offer very professional advice and are keen to assist with a smooth migration – all our enquiries were responded to within a day, most of them within hours. I would recommend any company using Payment HSMs to make the switch, it’s liberating.” 

Eyal Worthalter, VP Platform Solution and Growth at MYHSM by Utimaco, said: “The unique way in which we operate our Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) as a service means that it is agile and scalable, as a result it will suit Bizzon’s needs now and in the future. Critically though, it improves their payment security, the benefits of which will be passed on to their customers and everyone within the chain.”  

Read the full case study highlighting the details of this partnership, here.

For more information about MYHSM by Utimaco, click here.

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