Advantio to promote MYHSM Payment HSM as a Service

Major European Cyber Security Consultancy and Qualified Security Assessor will recommend MYHSM services.

MYHSM, the global leader in Payment HSM as a Service, announced today that they have formed a partnership with Advantio that will see the European security consultants and assessors promoting the use of MYHSM’s service where this will bring benefits to their clients.

The MYHSM service, provides users with a suite of managed services utilising Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) located in PCI-certified Equinix data centres. The use of Payment HSMs by financial institutions and FinTechs operating in the payments industry is mandated by PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) to protect cardholder data and transactions. Users of the MYHSM service avoid the capital expenditure, operational costs and difficulties, skills shortages, and time-to-market involved in operating their own, on-premise HSMs.

Advantio, based in Dublin, is a leading security consultancy with over 300 combined years of experience and twelve bases in Europe as well as one in North Africa. Their consultancy skills cover risk assessment, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, applications security, managed security services, and frameworks such as SOC2, CMMI, and NIST. Advantio’s managed services offer also include their unique Secure Infrastructure as a Service, specifically tailored for payment applications.

Advantio is also one the of the largest PCI Qualified Assurance Assessor (QSA) in Europe, providing consultancy and assessment on the full spectrum of PCI standards such as DSS, PA DSS, PIN, 3DS, P2PE, and TPS. They issued 127 certifications in 2019 alone.

Under this new partnership, clients of Advantio will be able to benefit from accessing the MYHSM service.

John Cragg, CEO at MYHSM, comments: “This partnership with Advantio is another valuable endorsement of the new approach to accessing Payment HSM capability that MYHSM is leading. It’s just great that a company with the in-depth understanding of cyber security, IT infrastructure architectures, and PCI assessments is now going to be involved with us in bringing this new opportunity to their clients.”

“What we do at Advantio is help our customers increase their cyber security maturity through a combination of services and thoughtful selected technologies that helps them achieve the security approvals that they require,” adds Marco Borza, CEO at Advantio. “Many of our customers will realise benefits if they acquire Payment HSM capabilities as a Service, whether or not their IT infrastructure is in the cloud. So we are delighted to be working with MYHSM, a strong player in this area, to get those benefits to our customers.”

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