If my payment solution is deployed in the cloud and I use the MYHSM service, how can we ensure PCI PIN compliance?

The MYHSM service is PCI PIN certified and significantly reduces the scope and responsibility for the customer to achieve its overall PCI PIN Security Requirements certification. Using the service does not remove the customer from the PCI PIN scope, however working with MYHSM the customer can expect:

  • Simplified audits – MYHSM will provide their PCI PIN AOC and all other relevant documentation which defines the responsibility split between MYHSM and the customer. This will dramatically reduce the scope and complexity of the customer’s PCI PIN audit.
  • Dedicated experts – outsourcing your HSM security to MYHSM’s team of specialised, highly skilled HSM, security and network experts that work with HSMs every day can enhance the overall security.
  • Reduced pressure on resources – The manual processes for configuring an HSM, establishing a security team, writing the policies and procedures required for certification and audits are all time consuming. MYHSM shoulders this burden so the time to market of the payment solution can be substantially reduced.

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