An Alternative Option to Purchasing the payShield 10K

Need to migrate to the payShield 10K? MYHSM provides an alternative to purchasing, hosting and managing payShields in-house by providing access to the latest Thales payShield 10K as a fully managed, PCI PIN compliant, Payment HSM Service.

Thales payShields, the world’s most widely deployed Payment HSMs that secures around 80% of all global payments now require it’s payShield 9000 customers to migrate to the next generation payShield 10K model by the end of December 2022. This migration is required to maintain the latest security standards in line with PCI DSS and continue with ongoing support and operational efficiencies. Typically this happens every 7-8 years and involves a costly and complex process of securely disposing old payShields and creating a detailed and comprehensive implementation plan even when upgrading within the same product family.

Purchasing even the minimum requirement of three Payment HSMs (for operational resilience and separate testing and live processing environments to meet PCI Standards) will need significant capex and the following additional costs will also need to be considered:

  • Installation costs which includes the time and effort of the IT and Network Operations staff to install the new payment HSMs and document the whole process for PCI PIN audits.
  • The cost and time required to follow a rigorous set of procedures to protect sensitive information whilst decommissioning and securely disposing the old devices.
  • Testing costs which may include a PoC and Pilot.
  • Re-training costs for example the interpretation of status indicators and firmware update procedures is different for the 10K model.
  • The cost and effort associated with reviewing and updating all PCI audit procedures.

Introducing a new ‘as a service’ model…

MYHSM is the first global company to offer a fully managed, PCI PIN compliant, Payment HSM Service using the latest payShield 10K hosted in multiple, secure data centres located around the world. MYHSM’s dynamic monthly subscription fee converts capex to opex without compromising on functionality, availability or compliance. To discover more advantages of migrating to the MYHSM Service view our ‘Top 10 Reasons to Migrate’ document here.

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